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Some of the Bingo Boffin armour rewards have had their armour values rebalanced. Some players were unable to get the "Bard" title (available from the play during Yule-fest). They should be able to get the title now. Housing items that were bound to character are now bound to account.

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Theres a weekly quest line for a hobbit named "Bingo Boffin" that gives you access to a rep vendor with some nice decorating items. My favorite so far is a desk with a working lit candle. Check your barter wallet (if you have one), or sort through your assorted trophies (if you dont) and take some corpses to the taxidermist the large towns.

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Bingo Boffin was a male Hobbit who lived in Michel Delving. He was very ordinary and lived a peaceful but boring life. He was very ordinary and lived a peaceful but boring life. Thats why Bingo decided to go on an adventure on his own.

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TL;DR The Ballad of Bingo Boffin: A Call to Adventure. It’s really neat that you have your story, the Epic Questline (which runs alongside the classic Lord of the Rings story) and the Ballad of Bingo Boffin.That there are pets, decorations and gear rewards for doing so is a bonus incentive.

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LOTRO Players News Episode 329: Update 24 Review. Posted by Sanswinda in LOTRO, LOTRO Players News, News, My Arkenstone hunter completed Bingo Boffin and reached level 100. Then in the field trip, we learned the “threat” in “Roving Threats” If you would like to join this illustrious raid of players and help support LOTRO Players

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New Bingo Boffin rewards are in game, dont click if knowing what you get for helping a fat shut in hobbit go on his adventure is considered a spoiler! I believe the pet is just a recolor of a central Gondor pet, so today is a good day for children and sheep lovers and a …

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Rewards from completing Bingo Boffins epic adventure include housing decorations. It looks like I will need several characters to accompany Bingo on his journey to collect them all! There is a list of decorations by zone at the bottom of the page.

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Bingo Boffin Lone-Lands Quest Rewards. Titles: Tavern-Goer, Linguist; Bingo Badges: 20 (I think! Possibly 25, I’ll check on my next run) Bert Bartleby Vendor Rewards. There are a lot of rewards available from Bert Bartleby in the Lone Lands. A full list is …

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Allegiances do have you filling up a bar, and there are repeatable quests and rewards, but for me the significant addition is that each of them tells a continuing story. I think of my Allegiances like Bingo Boffin style quest arcs, but instead of funny hobbit shenanigans you get dwarf- or Gondor-themed problems and stories, and instead of them

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Description. Bert Bartleby is a barter trader that accepts Bingo Badges. He can be found in various locations associated with Bingos travels in the company of his faithful steed "Old Rattlepacks.". Initially he is found across from the Stables in Michel Delving. [34.2S, 75.5W] Note: he only appears AFTER the quest The Call to Adventure, the first episodic quest, is accepted.

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