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gunnebo kapu Tue, 12 May 2020 Covid-19 can be stopped right at the entrance to office buildings, schools, hospitals, factories and in public transportation using the hi-tech infection control products launched today by Gunnebo, the Swedish global provider of smart access control solutions.

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gunnebo kapu Gunnebo is a global provider of security products, services and software. We protect banks, retail, mass transit, public & commercial buildings and industrial & high-risk sites with an offering covering Entrance Control, Safe Storage, Cash Management and Integrated Security.

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gunnebo kapu Di., 14 Apr 2020 Gunnebo will release Interim Report January-March 2020, Tuesday 21 April 2020, at 08:00 (CET) and will hold a teleconference at 08:15 (CET) on …

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Na Gunnebo construimos a sua segurança com uma proposta específica para cada uma das suas fases do negócio. Consulte Mais informação. Metro. As estações de Metro têm que ser espaços ageis que não impeçam o tráfego das pessoas no seu interior. Na Gunnebo desenhamos soluçoes para que o trânsito seja rápido, cómodo e seguro.


Delårsrapport januari-mars 2020 Gunnebo publicerade delårsrapport januari-mars 2020, tisdagen den 21 april 2020. Läs mer; Ladda ner presentation

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Gunnebo AB enters into a period of acquiring multiple companies from around the world which specialise in security solutions. This includes Fichet-Bauche, a listed company on the French stock exchange with a history in safes dating back to 1825, and Chubbsafes, a globally recognised brand of safes established in the UK in 1818.

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Tue, 26 May 2020 The Annual General Meeting (the “AGM”) of Gunnebo AB (publ), Reg. No. 556438-2629, will be held at 4 p.m. CEST on Monday, June 29, 2020, at Elite Park Avenue Hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden. Registration starts at 3.30 p.m. CEST.

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About the Gunnebo Group The Gunnebo Group operates worldwide providing innovative products, software and services to control the flow of valuables, cash and people. Gunnebo offers entrance control, safe storage, cash management and integrated security solutions to customers primarily within retail, mass transit, public & commercial buildings

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Moduláris Gunnebo RotaSec teljes magas forgókereszt kapu. A Gunnebo RotaSec teljes magas forgókapujánál a tartókeret és a forgórész egymástól függetlenül választható. A forgórész lehet háromszárnyú, 120 fokos szöget bezáró szárnyakkal, vagy négyszárnyú, 90 …


Vi har innovativ og gjennomprøvd teknologi for din sikkerhet og trygghet. Velkommen til Gunnebo.
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