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I wish you well, I wish you well (I wish you well, I wish you well) I wish you well, I wish you well (I wish you well, I wish you well) Cause honestly your loyalties, insecurities and priorities aint the same The harmony, its the only thing I can save I wish you well, I wish you well I wish you well I wish you well
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A. the narrator realizes his own mortality and says that I wish you well, explorer, but I wonder: Does the same fate that befell me await you? B. the narrator wonders whether the reader is also mortal and will eventually die like the people of his universe have done.
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Mr Diamandouros, I wish you well in your activities this year and hope you continue in the same way as in the past. europarl.europa.eu. europarl.europa.eu. M. Diamandouros, je vous souhaite la pleine réussite dans vos activités cette année et esp
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Alternatives of same to you and wish you the same:-. “Right back at ya “ (Eg : Right back at ya..have a great day!!!) “You stole my greetings” ( use this expression with a bright smile You can use this above expression when you wished to tell the same but the other person told it first ) …
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Definition of same to you in the Idioms Dictionary. same to you phrase. Well, same to you!" See also: same. same to you. The same comment applies to you. (This can be a polite or a rude comment.) Mary: Youre the most horrible person Ive ever met! John: The same to you! See also: same. same to you. I wish you the same (as you have
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We wish someone whole-heartedly and when that person just reflect same words back to you by saying "wish you the same" or "Same to you" I feel so irritant and let down about that person. It just means that the person doesnt even care to compose 2-5 seconds of his/her thoughts to honostly wish back to the well
I wish I could weld as well as the best welder in the
I hope this message finds you well. This phrase behaves like a question, but reads like a statement. However, according to the article Speaking Your Readers Language (see paragraph 6 about e-mails to strangers), by Lynn Gaertner-Johnston, you may want to avoid using the phrase when sending a …
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PREMINGER (having pushed a button, picked up the telephone, and listened awhile, smiling): Youre very sweet, and I wishthe same to you.
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This suggests that youre saying that she says that using the word you can be considered too informal. But I dont say her saying it. If its just your opinion, you should clarify that. (2) You say "using the word you can be considered too informal," but you also say "I am confident that its use is still OK”. You seem to be contradicting
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wish you both vs wish both of you. A complete search of the internet has found these results: wish you both is the most popular phrase on the web. More popular! to sleep well and to keep in mind that you have friends! I wish you to dance on your grandchildren wish both of you. 4,140 results on the web.
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