Wise Advanced 2TB Portable & Cinema USB 3.1 Gen 2 SSD

wish 2tb usb review
As I browsed the net for high-capacity thumb drives, I came upon a curious site called Wish.com . There I found a USB 2.0 thumb drive for sale in two capacities: 512MB and 1TB. The 1TB drive is the one that really stood out to me as it had a very surprising price: $20.

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Wise Advanced Portable & Cinema Overview Designed for use in 4K video workflows and on-location shoots, the 2TB Portable & Cinema USB 3.1 Gen 2 SSD from Wise boasts a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port, read speeds up to 550 MB/s, and write speeds up to 520 MB/s, making it ideal for speedy transfers of large 4K RAW files.

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2TB USB2.0 thumb drives are extremely unlikely to ever come off the assembly line ever!! USB3.0C is fast becoming the new standard, "2TB USB2.0 drive" is its own red flag. Right now there are no 2TB thumb drives. Right now the only 1TB USB3.0 thumb drive is …

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wish 2tb usb review
Rock some new usb-flash-drive-2tb this season. Save big on our wide selection of usb-flash-drive-2tb for men, women and children.

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I bought USB sticks from them. It worked only for 1.5 month, then it does not save data. The customer service is very poor, they did not refund me. Very dissatisfied about wish.com They said because you past the 30-day refund policy, they did not refund me. So it means anything working beyond 30 da

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At best it was a really bad 2.0 USB. Its reading and writing speed was nowhere near the speed of a 3.0 USB. It took 3 hours to download a 30 gigabit file, which only took 15 minutes on my first 3.0 USB drive of a different brand. Additionally, it was hard to stick into the port of my computer.

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These 2tb+usb+stick are about to be huge! Get em before we sell out!

Wish.com - 2tb usb sticks Review 1109046 | ComplaintsBoard.com

Read 2 Tb Usb reviews and 2 Tb Usb ratings – Buy 2 Tb Usb with confidence on AliExpress! Add to Wish List. Online Wholesale 2 tb usb: drive tb 2 tb drive tb usb usb to 2 tb 1 tb memory 1 tb usb 2 tb 2 tb hard drive hard drive tb Popular 2 tb usb Products:

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