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We monitor delivery statuses closely. In the event that a package is delayed significantly and has not arrived by the most updated estimated delivery date in the Wish app, you can request a refund by clicking on the item in your Order History and following the prompts in the Wish Assistant.

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Yikes! Sometimes weather, high packet volume, or other unforeseen circumstances can cause postal service delays. If your item doesnt arrive by the latest estimated delivery date, please contact support in the Wish app so that our Wish Assistant can help you. Was this article helpful? 13228 out of …

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A new scam: Watch out for deliveries you didnt order: Money Matters. Updated Jan 11, 2019; Posted Apr 23, 2017 . By Teresa Dixon Murray, The Plain Dealer bestbuystore.jpg (Plain Dealer file photo

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Wish never delivers promised products June 8th, 2020 I brought multiple items between the beginning of April through early May. Till this day, 6/8/20, the promised delivery dates have changed 10 different times for each of the 18

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Answered Sep 17, 2019. Unfortunately, this is a very common thing when ordering from Wish. The truth is, most, if not all, of Wishs products are shipped from China. Additionally, many shops on the site give higher priority to return customers or people who order higher value items, regardless of order.

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Wish.com will ensure that 1 or 2 deliveries are successful but will fail on the majority and keep extending a delivery time slot they have no intention of meeting. You will get an auto response from the AI customer service team, Its a smart approach, it avoids overwhelming litigation suits against them.

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I placed 2 orders from Wish 1 day apart with total of 7 items. It has been 2 months and one week and i still have not received those orders. I tried getting should of their customer service but they wont help me. They just keep changing the delivery date and telling me to wait for the order. I …

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If your order didnt go through and was denied, it may be possible that your payment was declined. Here are a few reasons why this may have happened: Your card is expired. Your account has insufficient funds. Your card was reported as stolen or frozen. If you are using a debit card, make sure it has a CVV and can be billed as a credit card.

A new scam: Watch out for deliveries you didnt order

If your delivery date has passed and you have not yet received your goods, contact Wish Customer Support to ask about the status of your order. You can contact them using the Wish app or on their website. Go to your Order history page and select Customer service. For more information regarding delivery, please visit Wish.com.

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WishPost is a cross-border E-commerce logistics product jointly launched by Wish and China Post and designed exclusively for Wish merchants. WishPost can provide integrated logistics solutions such as exclusive item collection warehouse, special line logistics and professional warehousing services to high-quality Wish merchants.

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The merchandise comes directly from the factory, allowing Wish.com to sell you products at lower prices. Most products are listed at more than 50% off their retail price, with some at 98% off or even listed as free (you only pay for shipping). At first glance, Wish looks like an incredible deal. Does the company deliver?

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